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Diploma in Automotive Design

Master diploma in Automotive Product designing.

Program Key Points

  • Pay 50% program fees only after getting the job.
  • 6-9 months Diploma Program.
  • 100% job guaranteed.
  • Professional portfolio for job.

Career Options

  • Automotive Trim Designer.
  • Automotive Plastic Designer.
  • Automotive Seating Designer.
  • Automotive Product Designer.

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How Diploma Program Works?

Enroll for 6-9 months Diploma program.

Pay 50% fee in monthly installments.

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Get your job.

Pay the remaining 50% fees.


Sketcher workbench

  • Commands
  • Rules to follow (position sketch)
  • Working in exercise
Basic & advance part design

  • Boolean operations
  • Working on Boolean exercise
  • Working on After Tool Go modification on
  • Automotive components(OEM Working procedures)
Basic & advance surface design

  • Commands
  • Creation of Closed body, Thickened body
  • Parting line, parting surface
Remastering or Reverse engineering

  • Part remastering
  • Surface remastering
  • How to create a parametric model from dump

  • Various analysis on class A-surface
  • Creation of B surface and C surface (closing surface)
  • Draft analysis
  • DFM of parts
  • DFM of parts
Engineering features

  • In this section we will learn, what is a mounting feature?
  • How to create a locator and dog house?
  • Integrating the mounting features to the base part with Boolean operations.
Design guidelines for injection molding

  • Thickness
  • Coring Out
  • Parting Line and Ejection
  • Lifter construction
  • Slider construction
  • Ribs
  • BOSS
  • Screws
  • Holes and Depressions
  • Radii, Fillets and Corners
  • Undercuts
  • Slider lifter shutoff and draft mechanism
  • 5 Rules of Problem-Free Injection Molding
Engineering plastics

  • Thermoset
  • Thermoplastics
  • Selection of plastic
Failure in Plastic

  • Voids and Shrinkage
  • Warpage
  • Sink marks
  • Weld line
  • Knight line
  • Blister
Development of plastics

  • Study of input received from OEMS
  • Surface quality analysis
  • Rat hole
  • Join analysis
  • Draft analysis
  • Kinematic study with environments
  • Gaps and flush study
  • Head impact study
Creation of plastics

  • Creation of b surface
  • Strategy for b side feature
  • Feasibility of feature we apply
  • DU analysis of features
  • Checking of robustness of plastic
  • Fixation strategy
  • DFA of part
  • DFM of plastic
  • Drawing creation with GD& T
  • Design checklist
Master sections

  • Inputs of class A and 2 environments past will be given
  • Master section should be developed to show
  • Part thickens
  • Fixation strategy
  • Assembly strategy
Plastics in automotive industries

  • Types of plastics (Thermoset Plastics, Thermoplastic)
  • Engineering plastic Materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Injection Molding
2d drawings

  • Drafting work bench
  • Creation of detail drawing for the Components
  • Views creations (basic view & section views)
  • Application of GD&T in drawings
  • Template settings
Assembly workbench

  • Assemble Automotive Subassemblies including Child part, Screws
  • How to create Assemblies in CATIA?
  • Creating Constraints
  • Assembly sectioning analysis
  • Proximity analysis and output preparation
  • Compare analysis of 2 similar components OEM Working procedure

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